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about us 

As an Educational Institution

Here at L'Alliance Française, we encourage the study of French language and literature, francophone culture, arts, history, and entertainment. We sponsor and promote activities in all of these areas in an efforts to increase awareness and understanding of Francophone culture.

As Allies

As our name implies, we strive to ally ourselves with people of all nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds. With 1,100 Alliance Française chapters in 130 countries across the globe, the cultural presence of France reaches out every day, strengthening ties between countries and creating a better understanding between people everywhere.

As Members of the Pittsburgh Community

Our Pittsburgh division consists of over 200 members and offers classes, programs, and events open to all without discrimination. We engage in a variety of social and cultural events--both in French and English--right here in Pittsburgh throughout the year.

contact us

Mailing Address:

Alliance Française de Pittsburgh

c/o Barbara Tucker

265 Main Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15201

(e) pittalliancefrancaise@gmail.com

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